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    A Sampling of What’s Best with Lightroom 5

    • A quick look at some of the best free presets online
    • Lightroom 5 and the advantages of having it when editing photos
    • Presets that can turn your recent pictures into vintage ones

    Interested in knowing some of Lightroom 5 free presets online? Well, then, we shall take a quick look at these awesome free presets and see if we can actually use them for our photos.


    The Starter Pack for Lightroom

    For those who are still making a name for themselves in photography, this is the preset collection that they need to use. Every enhancement technique that you can have with Lightroom, you will have it with Starter Pack. It is easy to say, though, that this collection is one of the best Lightroom 5 free presets around, because it ushers neophytes on what to do as soon as they start enhancing their images.

    Vintage Lightroom Preset

    The idea of turning new photos into vintage ones is by far an upgrade as far as photo enhancing is concerned. Now you can do some experiments with your recent images and transform them into old-fashioned photos, all for the purpose of variety. And this Vintage Lightroom Preset has all the features for you to achieve that kind of effect, day in and day out.

    Elegant Fade Lightroom Preset

    The name speaks for itself. Among the many Lightroom 5 free presets that professionals are rooting for because of its ability to improve the texture of a photo into an elegant fade. If you can have this particular preset right now, it is only a matter of time before you can come up with images that has that classic feel.

    So, there you have it, a glimpse of what’s best with these Lightroom 5 free presets. Download that desired free preset for Lightroom 5 right now, and choose among its diversified effects for a much better photography in the process.

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    Real Images and Real Time Reviewers

    • Using real images for your photography review
    • That secret behind a great photo review
    • Tips on how to edit and enhance your photo images, courtesy of these reviews online

    Most photographers spend a lot of time trying to perfect their craft. Some of them are so meticulous that they will scour tools for them to create that exact effect that they want with their photos.


    And these are quite evident as soon as they write about it, their reviews will tell you that these photographers review using real images. Authenticity is not a problem to them because their subjects are real, not just some pre-conceived notions of photography theories.

    There are certain advantages when photographers review using real images. For one, these reviews are not biased, that there are no phony statements in these reviews, but has tips based on real images and on real life situations. And second, the suggestions being hurled on these reviews are tried and tested, the reason why these photographers find it a necessity to put it in writing because these procedures are working, and effective at that.

    That’s how awesome these photographers review using real images. They don’t trick their clients. In fact, they are actually laying all the cards on the table, so that their customers can decide which among these tools or solutions to cash in.

    So the next time you read reviews about photography, choose these photographers review using real images. You don’t need to worry if their tips don’t work out because they have been tested with something real, not just a conception of it.

    For what its worth, you don’t short change your clients, viewers or readers when you’re using real images for your reviews, you’re actually giving them what is true, which is the secret behind a great photo.

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    Reasons to Use Free Actions for Photoshop

    • Free actions for Photoshop can be found everywhere
    • Free actions tend to look quite overwhelming
    • Great for beginners and pros alike

    Free actions for Photoshop can be found everywhere. On torrent sites or even social media, you can find a lot of links that can redirect you to a website that offers free actions. Although most of the actions that are given away for free are not as elaborate as those that are sold in online stores, these free actions help a great deal in creating a strong overall impression in every picture.


    Admittedly, after making a quick search on free actions for Photoshop, we found that a lot of the actions given away tend look overwhelming to the eyes. Colors tend to pop on the wrong areas, and make the entire photo look too processed, in ways that are unappealing.

    However, since Photoshop gives a lot of control to its users, you can easily tone down the harsh areas in the photo by adjusting the Fill and Opacity of the action you’ve selected. By adjusting the opacity, you have better control on the image so you can soften or enhance all areas of the photo.

    And since it’s a Photoshop action, you can just hit the “Stop” button once you get the look that you’re going for on your photo. Free actions for Photoshop are great tools for quick photo editing, especially if you’re not working on making elaborate changes (such as animation or sketch effect), on a photo.

    Free and paid actions differ in a lot of ways. But if you’re a beginner, or a professional who likes to work and get more things done faster, then free actions for Photoshop are definitely the best and most efficient tools you can find.

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    Selecting the perfect camera through Camera Dojo

    • There is a camera for every place and situation
    • Cameras come in various shapes and sizes
    • Camera Dojo helps guide people through the wide selection of cameras in the market

    Whether you’re up for a major road trip with friends, or attending your sister’s recital, your first thought would probably to document everything in a video. Fortunately, cameras are no longer as huge and complicated as they used to be. They now come in different shapes with superb audio and visual quality.


    Cameras come in different sizes types too; there are the handheld cameras, professional video cameras, mobile phone cameras, drones, action cameras, waterproof cameras and many others. Basically, we’re now in a generation where it’s now possible to document everything in a camera regardless of whether you’re deep in the ocean, inside cave, or above the clouds.

    Different brands stand out for different types of cameras. And every camera has its own strength and weaknesses, so at the end of the day, choosing the right camera for the situation still matters—a lot. At Camera Dojo, we list the best cameras, along with their key strengths and weaknesses to help you sort through the dizzying selection.

    From action cameras, to drones, to handheld camcorders, Camera Dojo selects the most trusted brands and those whose quality is nothing short of the best. We understand that everyone wants to get their money’s regardless of whether they purchased a shirt or a camera, so we ensure just that.

    So you probably know by now that your mobile phone might not be the best device for your Bahamas trip. But it’s okay, we can make the search a little easier. It may take some time, but why not skim through the Camera Dojo page? We’re pretty sure finding the perfect one wouldn’t take too long.

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    What I Wish Everyone Knew About Photo Editing Service

    • Have you ever thought why a lot of photo editing services exist?
    • Didn’t it bumped into your mind why most people want to avail retouching services for their images?
    • Learn some of the most useful benefits of these retouching services

    Have you ever thought why a lot of photo editing services exist? Didn’t it bumped into your mind why most people want to avail retouching services for their images? Basically, the answer to these kinds of questions is really easy; people like to see changes to their images because they’re not satisfied with it. Another significant answer to it is that people like to preserve the memories from pictures taken years ago and the only solution to preserve it is through photo editing services.


    Generally, photo editing service is not just about correcting colors and adjusting other components in the picture, it is also about adding life to the image by using different style of effects; for example, as cited at Sleeklens.com Retouching service blogs, when editing pictures in Adobe Lightroom, editors usually use filtered effects to give life to a dull and raw image.

    Photo editing service allows us to have the best and memorable images. So, in this article, we will tackle some of the most useful benefits of these retouching services:

    • Improve quality of skin complexion and texture.
    • Improve the overall look of the subject. (May adjust facial contour and etc.)
    • Enhance varieties of colors (background, subject, and surroundings)
    • Provide stylish filtered effects and colors to the entire image

    Photo editing is not easy like we all think it is. If you really want to have the best editing result, you should consult the best photo editor. Editing cannot be done by any person; it can only be done by skilled individuals with great passion to photo editing.

    Knowing the benefits of photo editing service could help you understand why most editors need time to finish it. They need a lot of it for them to produce the image you requested to look like.

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    Getting Photography Services

    • Photography introduction
    • How to get the right photography service
    • Resources about photography

    Photography is both an art and science at the same time. It’s an art because it expresses what a photographer sees in his camera’s lenses. Capturing magnificent shots requires a special kind of talent. It is also a science because it involves sound techniques about manipulating light and other aspects that affect the quality of an image. Plus, you also need to learn a lot of stuff in order to become a good/great photographer. It’s not all just about the talent, it requires proper study, lots of practice and the right gear to execute the desired shot.


    Getting the right photography service is a whole different story. If you are looking for the right photography service, you need to do a little bit of research plus a whole lot of checking. First of all, you need to make a list of all the photographers in your area. Ask around, make inquiries and get recommendations from friends and people you know of which photographers are good. If you already have that, it’s time to verify. Don’t just take their word, investigate. Check out their portfolios and see if they match your needs and expectations. Once you do that, you will be able to narrow down your list to a few preferred photographers. Now it’s time to talk about prices. Photography prices done creatively are now the trend, so you won’t have a problem getting a package tailored for your needs. Talk to the photographer and see if they can accommodate your needs. Just make sure not to lowball them, they do have to make an income as well.

    If you are looking for other resources, you might want to check out Sleeklens.com. They provide great reviews as well as photo editing/retouching services. They are highly recommended. Go check it out for yourself and see if it’s the right fit for you.

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    My First Highway


    • Feature film
    • Director: Kevin Meul
    • Writer: Kevin Meul
    • Producer: Fobic Films
    • Co-producer: CTM Pictures
    • Language: Dutch
    • Running time: 90 Minutes
    • Genre: Drama

    My First Highway tells the story of a boy who does everything for love, and maybe too much. It’s a tale of love and lot innocence, a love story with a bitter twist, situated in the world of teenagers. Evertyhing remains the same, but everything has changed.

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    The Source Code


    • Feature film
    • Director: Max Porcelijn
    • Writer: Max Porcelijn
    • Screenplay: Adapted from De Broncode by Eric Smit
    • Producer: CTM Pictures – Sander Verdonk & Denis Wigman

    THE SOURCE CODE is a thriller based on the bizarre, but true story of Jan Sloot, a simple T.V. repair man, who comes up with brilliant invention that’s set to make him one of the world’s richest men. But just one day before he reveals his revolutionary product – he dies under suspicious circumstances…

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    CTM LEV Pictures is a production company established with the aim to develop creative, professional and independent fiction films and documentaries. The goal is to make them stand each project by creativity and originality, and with a view to the commercial strength of the project and the market. CTM LEV Pictures is the result of a merger between CTM Films and LEV Pictures and is part of the CTM Group, which also the largest independent music publisher in the world, a music management and TV production company belong.


    CTM LEV Pictures presents at any time by selecting projects the passion, drive and vision of the makers. The company is characterized by major substantive involvement from the conceptualization to post-production. The aim here is to, as part of the creative team to formulate a vision from which it effectively can be produced – the substantive considerations are famous – and from which can be formulated a strategy for its release. Also, the shared vision offers the possibility to keep an eye on the quality of the content of the project, this, if necessary, to modify or make adjustments. Besides the creative insight, business acumen, experience and a strong international network of the distinctive qualities of the company.

    The projects of CTM LEV Pictures mainly within the crossover and mainstream genres, in the sense that each film has a strong artistic thought and appeals to a wider audience. In addition, there are arthouse films and documentaries produced. For all projects is that they are characterized by a pronounced individuality in concept and execution. The purpose of CTM LEV Pictures is producing movies in these genres for a broad international (arthouse) market, and as is true for the entire CTM Group, building strong intellectual property and exploit it up.