A Sampling of What’s Best with Lightroom 5

  • A quick look at some of the best free presets online
  • Lightroom 5 and the advantages of having it when editing photos
  • Presets that can turn your recent pictures into vintage ones

Interested in knowing some of Lightroom 5 free presets online? Well, then, we shall take a quick look at these awesome free presets and see if we can actually use them for our photos.


The Starter Pack for Lightroom

For those who are still making a name for themselves in photography, this is the preset collection that they need to use. Every enhancement technique that you can have with Lightroom, you will have it with Starter Pack. It is easy to say, though, that this collection is one of the best Lightroom 5 free presets around, because it ushers neophytes on what to do as soon as they start enhancing their images.

Vintage Lightroom Preset

The idea of turning new photos into vintage ones is by far an upgrade as far as photo enhancing is concerned. Now you can do some experiments with your recent images and transform them into old-fashioned photos, all for the purpose of variety. And this Vintage Lightroom Preset has all the features for you to achieve that kind of effect, day in and day out.

Elegant Fade Lightroom Preset

The name speaks for itself. Among the many Lightroom 5 free presets that professionals are rooting for because of its ability to improve the texture of a photo into an elegant fade. If you can have this particular preset right now, it is only a matter of time before you can come up with images that has that classic feel.

So, there you have it, a glimpse of what’s best with these Lightroom 5 free presets. Download that desired free preset for Lightroom 5 right now, and choose among its diversified effects for a much better photography in the process.

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