CTM LEV Pictures is a production company established with the aim to develop creative, professional and independent fiction films and documentaries. The goal is to make them stand each project by creativity and originality, and with a view to the commercial strength of the project and the market. CTM LEV Pictures is the result of a merger between CTM Films and LEV Pictures and is part of the CTM Group, which also the largest independent music publisher in the world, a music management and TV production company belong.


CTM LEV Pictures presents at any time by selecting projects the passion, drive and vision of the makers. The company is characterized by major substantive involvement from the conceptualization to post-production. The aim here is to, as part of the creative team to formulate a vision from which it effectively can be produced – the substantive considerations are famous – and from which can be formulated a strategy for its release. Also, the shared vision offers the possibility to keep an eye on the quality of the content of the project, this, if necessary, to modify or make adjustments. Besides the creative insight, business acumen, experience and a strong international network of the distinctive qualities of the company.

The projects of CTM LEV Pictures mainly within the crossover and mainstream genres, in the sense that each film has a strong artistic thought and appeals to a wider audience. In addition, there are arthouse films and documentaries produced. For all projects is that they are characterized by a pronounced individuality in concept and execution. The purpose of CTM LEV Pictures is producing movies in these genres for a broad international (arthouse) market, and as is true for the entire CTM Group, building strong intellectual property and exploit it up.

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